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Wellbeing & Mindfulness


The benefits of wellbeing is an increased ability to cope with workplace demands, more focus and concentration. This has a really positive effect on workplace morale, client and co-worker relationships and interactions with customers.
Practicing mindfulness results in reduced absenteeism caused by illness, injury or stress and improved productivity. This is a win-win for everyone


We focus in on areas such as:


       Creativity is essential for innovation and problem-solving

•Stress reduction

       Mindfulness helps to reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone)

•Coping with stress and emotions

       Understanding what triggers your stress, techniques to reduce them

•Conscious Choices 

Even without a formal meditation practice, there are simple steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of staying present

•IMPACT your Day

        6 Simple steps to help ground yourself and remember daily

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