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Exercise & Movement


These days, it seems like everyone is working more and more hours and using the old "no time to exercise" excuse. What if you could actually work out at work? You can do stretching, muscle-strengthening, and even short stints of aerobic exercises right at your desk or even in a quiet spot like a conference room or stairwell. We were meant to move not sit in front of screen all day.


We focus in on areas such as:

•60-Second Aerobics

       Quick 60 second routine to reenergise the body


        Body weighted exercise routines

•Stretching, Static and Dynamic

       All joints, ligaments, and muscles from top to bottom (meditation in movement)

•Tap and breath

        Help to ground yourself, destress and prepare for that meeting

•Lunch time activities

       Get out and walk, jog or run

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