Your Self Talk

Man behind Broken Glass

Removing Negative Thoughts

Self talk is a form of self programming. Constant positive affirmations has the potential to mold and sculpt our consciousness because our minds are malleable. What we think and what we feel has the potential to directly affect our bodies. Constant negative chatter can directly affect our mood, body and our very soul.


We focus in on areas such as:

•Use positive, repeatable reinforcements

High-performers review their thoughts and adjust as necessary, through visualisation and breathing techniques. Calms the mind and body.

•Making a connection with People and your Environment

People can be the greatest source of our weakness, but so can your environment. Setting can change how you feel and can be a great way to trigger a positive feeling.

•Practice active listening (Listen to yourself)

 Active listening is one of the hardest skills to develop, since it’s human nature to care more about others and put them first, you can often forget to follow your own advice. This is what we call 'Becoming your own best friend' what would you tell your best friend if you were to offer support and some loving advice? 

•Become Aware of Your Internal Conversations

 Become aware of this internal dialogue and its content and make sure it stays positive. When it gets negative take a few minutes to analyze the underlying reasons for your negative thinking

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